IMS & RCS @ 2
at MWC

Location 1 - Hall 8.0 - booth 8.0F10 Location 2 - Hall 3.0 - booth 3A11

IMS and RCS as never before seen at MWC. Live presentations featuring the RCS / VoLTE Connected Car at Location 2 demonstrating call handover, enriched call+, and many innovative VoLTE enterprise usecases. Followed by VoLTE+, Enriched Call, IMS Home Automation, IMS mHealth, RCS Virtual Reality & Mixed Reality with ViLTE, RCS Web clients/API with Web RTC, GSMA Enriched Calling and more at Location 1 - a must experience live demonstration!

Hall 8.0

RCS / VoLTE Connected Living

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RCS Virtual Reality
  • VoLTE plus
  • Enriched Call
  • VoWiFi
  • Network Address Book
  • RCS/WebRTC
  • RCS plus
  • Business VoLTE
  • mHealth & Wellness
  • Home Automation & Security
  • RCS Virtual Reality
  • RCS Crypto Currency

Get Ready for Virtual Reality Phone Calls

“Teleporting yourself to see friends and family in far-flung locations is the stuff of science fiction, but in the near future you will at least be able to visit them virtually”

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Hall 3.0

Connected Car
GSMA Innovation City

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VoLTE / RCS Connected Car
  • LTE car: Multi-line / Multi-user
  • VoLTE
  • VoWiFi
  • Call Handover
  • Location Share
  • Gesture Control
  • RCS Text2Speech Messaging
  • Heads Up Display Video Share
  • Realtime Diagnostics Share

Connecting with the Connected Car at MWC

“You think you know what a connected car is and then you actually experience one and it’s something else altogether.”

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