Customer Experience platform with MaaP, eCommerce & digital identity.
IMS • VR • AR • m-IoT • MaaP • Ai • RCS
How can retailers evolve e-commerce platforms? Not by launching marginally updated websites, but by redefining online shopping with new and engaging technologies which enhance the connected experience.

Leveraging Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) through 5G's high bandwidth and low latency capabilities will transform what is today a flat, linear process (the classic web site), to an immersive, interactive experience by enabling shoppers and retailers with Cloud XR, social voice/video calling, ai, digital identity, and chatbots, creating socially immersive shopping engagements with brand ambassadors, influencers, curators, and presenters.

It’s a fascinating time to be a network operator. Opportunities seem endless with the advent of 5G, c-IoT, Ai and Rich Communication Services with MobileConnect.
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